Majestic Pure Bentonite Clay - 16 Oz, 100% Pure Sodium Bentonite Indian Healing Clay Powder - Therapeutic Grade

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Product Description

Bentonite clay has long been renowned for its nutrients and its ability to help remove toxins from the body. The clay is formed of aged volcanic ash, and the name derives from the largest known deposit of Bentonite clay, which is located in Fort Benton, Wyoming.

It features as the base of our Deep Cleansing Mud Mask, but is gentle and versatile enough to substitute in for other clays in many recipes.

Manufacturer Description

Do You Know these Amazing Facts that Science Has Discovered About Bentonite Clay? Bentonite Clay makes a fabulous facial mask for Shrinking pores, tightening and toning skin, removing impurities and just making your skin look and feel great overall. It helps Soothing Skin Including cuts, bruises, insect bites, bee stings, boils, rashes, achy joints, acne, and burns. Clay baths and foot soaks draw toxins from the skin and through the pores. Bentonite, also referred to as Montmorillonite, is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays. Bentonite can be used externally as a clay poultice, mud pack or in the bath and, in skin care recipes. A good quality Bentonite should be a grey/cream color. It has a very fine, velveteen feel and is odorless and non-staining. Indian healing clay or Bentonite Clay is composed of aged volcanic ash. The name comes from the largest known deposit of Bentonite Clay located in Fort Benton, Wyoming. Comparing with Calcium Bentonite clay, the sodium bentonite is best for detoxing purposes as it has a stronger negative charge which causes it to pull more toxins into it whereas the calcium bentonite clay is better at remineralizing the body with calcium and silica. Pure Bentonite clay is particularly useful for oily skin because of it's excellent oil absorption properties. It's also believed to remove acne causing toxins from the skin and revitalize tired skin. Majestic Pure Bentonite Clay is pure all natural, cosmetic grade and does not contain additives or fragrances. It's considered World's most powerful facial, extremely effective for Deep Pore Cleansing & Soothing Skin. It is 100% natural bentonite clay from Wyoming Indian Mountain area

Product Features

Bentonite clay; Indian Healing Clay Powder from WYOMING, USA Fabolous for Face Skin Care, Deep Skin Pore Cleansing, Detoxifying and Revitalization; Works on Oily as well as sensitive skin type. Clay makes a great facial mask for shrinking pores, tightening and toning skin, removing impurities, and just making your skin look and feel great Therapeutic Grade Sodium Bentonite Clay has a electromagnetic properties making it very absorbent and helpful for drawing out Metals and Toxins. Clay baths and foot soaks draw toxins from the skin and through the pores Known to help soothing skin conditions such as cuts, bruises, insect bites, bee stings etc Why pay for expansive spa facial treatments when you can get the same results at home quite easily for a fraction of the cost; Purchase with complete peace of mind, If you are not completely satisfied with Majestic Pure Sodium Bentonite Clay, contact us within 60 days and we will refund your entire purchase.

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